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BEFORE attempting the Course Finals.

IMPORTANT:  In order for us to process your Course Completion Certificate, send us an email at info@seilerschool.com with the email address that you used to register your eHawaii Account.  https://mypvl.dcca.hawaii.gov

Before you attempt the Course Finals, please make sure you have:

  1. Reviewed all the Module Tests and the detailed results that you printed out after each Module Test
  2. Complete the 3 Review Quizzes at the back of your textbook
  3. Complete the Glossary Quiz at the back of your textbook
  4. Be sure you are familiar with the Hawaii Association of Realtors Standard Forms, i.e. Listing Agreement, Purchase Contract, Counter  Offer, etc.
  5. Be sure you know each of the Hawaii Revised Statutes that were in your textbook; and what they relate to.  (For example: HRS 467 = Real Estate Broker and Salesperson Laws.)
  6. Email the instructor ahead of time at info@seilerschool.com to request Passwords for the Course Finals; you will first need to find a test proctor, someone not related to you that will be present when you are testing that will sign an affidavit that it was you that took the test and that you did not use your textbook or notes, etc. You may use a friend, business associate, real estate broker in your area, title or escrow officer, etc.
  7. Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you do not already have it on your computer.
  8. Scan & email or fax us your signed, completed Time Log Sheet(s). We will need these before we can send you the Passwords for the Course Finals. Email the scanned sheet(s) to us at info@seilerschool.com or as an alternative you may fax them to us at 1-800-683-3969.
  9. Go to the Hot Links section of our website and print out a Course Evaluation to be completed and returned to us before we can send you the Passwords to the Course Finals.  Email the scanned sheet(s) to us at info@seilerschool.com or as an alternative you may fax them to us at 1-800-683-3969.
  10. Go to the Hot Links section of my website and print out two copies of the Certification of Course Final to be completed by the test proctor that you select.  Use one for each section of Course Final.  Email the scanned sheet(s) to us at info@seilerschool.com or as an alternative you may fax them to us at 1-800-683-3969.

If you have completed the above, proceed to the Test Center and click on the Course Finals in the Broker column.  The Course Finals include two sections that are graded independently.  The Uniform Portion with 100 questions about real estate in general throughout the United States; and the State Portion with 100 specific questions relating to Hawai'i rules and regulations.  You are allowed 3 hours for each section.  You can complete both sections on the same day or take them on separate days, in either sequence. If you do not pass you will be required to repeat the test for an additional $25.

Mahalo & Good Luck,
Rick Seiler

PS -  Please allow one week from the date you pass BOTH sections of the Course Final to receive your Course Completion Certificate.

Suggestions On How to Prepare For The 2-Part Broker Course Final