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Module 3 Study Assignment - Broker Course

BEFORE you attempt the Module 3 Test, please make sure you have:

  1. Read Chapters 8-10 in the Principles and Practices of Hawaiian Real Estate textbook
  2. Read Chapters 2-4 in the Real Estate Brokerage textbook.  Be prepared to answer 10-15 questions on the Broker Module 3 Test on this material.
  3. Reviewed Hawaii Civil Rights Commission
  4. Reviewed Chapter 515, HRS                              
  5. Visited the HUD Website and reviewed:     Fair Housing     ADA
  6. Reviewed the Module 3 Outline 
  7. Be sure you have a good understanding of the “Key Words” at the beginning of each chapter in this Module.  Consider making  flash cards.
  8. Expect 5 Math Questions on the Module 3 Test, plus 5 Pro-Ration calculations.  (Refer to the "Pro-Ration and Settlement Statement" section on the Broker Course Links for examples and formulas for Pro-Ration calculations.)

Before you attempt the Module 3 Test be sure to have your Principles and Practices of Hawaiian Real Estate textbook open to Chapter 10: "Listing Agreements".  Expect several questions regarding the "Listing Agreement" on the Module 3 Test.  You may refer to the "Listing Agreement" to answer these questions. 

If you have completed the above, proceed to the 
Test Center and click on the Module 3 Test in the Broker column.  You will need to enter the Password you were given when you passed the Module 2 Test.  Please do not change the box with the Assessment ID in it.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Once you login to each test a timer begins and you are allowed 3 hours to complete the test.  It contains 100 questions.  Therefore, before you login to a test, make sure you have at least 3 hours of time without distractions (no phone calls, visitors, lunch breaks, etc.) to complete the test.

This test include a variety of question formats:

  • TRUE and FALSE; 
  • MULTIPLE CHOICE - only one answer may be selected; 
  • MULTIPLE SELECTION - these may often have MULTIPLE CORRECT ANSWERS. Place a check in each answer box you think is correct;
  • MATCHING - pair an item in right column with a corresponding item in left column. The only type of question where the Student receives credit for each correct match.

After you have completed the test, before you logout, print out the questions which will include the correct answer.  You cannot login at a later time to print them out.  When you have passed the test you will be shown the Password to the next Module Test along with your score.  Please make a note of this Password so that you will have it on hand when you are ready to take the next Module Test. If you do not pass you will be required to repeat the test for an additional $10 before you can move on to the next Module and receive the new Password.

Once you complete the Module 3 Test successfully you can move on to the Module 4 Study Assignment on the 
Study Hall page.

Good Luck,