• "​I needed a Hawaii real estate school that was effective, affordable, and fast. The Seiler School checked all those boxes. They were effective because they definitively have highest first-time pass rate of any other school. They were affordable because their costs were lower than the other schools I found, and they had the potential to be quick because you work at your own pace. They supply a lot of opportunities for practice testing to prepare students to pass the course final and the actual state licensing exams. Students are encouraged to take these tests a lot until they feel fully prepared - this was valuable to me. I also enjoyed that the instructor prepared video recaps every few chapters to reiterate key parts of the book. These recaps, combined with a thorough  studying of the book and practice test were instrumental in preparing students (me) to pass the real estate exam the first time. Thank you for this course. I recommend it without reservation.​" (Judy-Kihei Maui-April 2021)

  • Great value, great layout of course material, and great way to complete your online independent study to obtain your Real Estate Course Certification and prepare yourself for State Exam. I feel confident and equipped to not only just pass the exam but to embark on a great career in real estate. Mahalo Rick for the strategic tools necessary to begin in Real Estate.  Aloha (Julian-Honolulu- February 2021)

  • Rick,  Thank you for the great class. The practice tests helped a lot. I took the big test today...I PASSED BOTH STATE & NATIONAL ON FIRST TRY!!!  Mahalo, (Janel-Wailuku-December 2020)

  • Aloha Rick,  I'm pleased to report I passed the Broker's exam today on the first attempt and completed it all in less than 5 weeks.  Thanks to your online structure, outlines, links and videos I was able to study at my own pace.  You helped me obtain my salesperson license about 3 years ago and wanted to get my Brokers license.  Both successes. Thanks for your support and guidance.  Aloha (Mark-Wailuku-November 2020)


  • I wanted to let you know that I passed my Licensee exam  on Saturday!  First try.  The practice tests were a big win for me and of course, repeated studying.  (Laurie-Las Vegas-November 2020)

  • I passed both PSI RE exams Oct 17  at 1-5 PM on my first attempt. When I got to end and saw the words PASSED on both exams I was overwhelmed with joy.  I just sat there and stared and felt the tremendous relief from the hours, weeks, and months of study. 
    Thank you for a thorough training and insistence on trial testing!!  (Lanny-Kihei-October 2020)

  • Aloha Rick, Wanted to check in with you to say "THANKS".  You have another successful student! Yea! passed the Brokers exam this past Saturday. Many thanks to you and your course curriculum. It certainly prepared me for that pass.  10 years ago, I took your course for my Salesperson license. 10 years later here I was at Seiler for my Brokers license. Could not be happier! (Rosalie-Kihei-September 2020)
  • Oh yes whoo hoo!  Mahalo!  I will definitely leave you a great review.  BTW I saw a few people who told me they attended another school and it was like their 3rd time trying to pass the test.  Your Broker class was rather tough I admit but you put the fire under me and pushed me to strive for HIGHER numbers so that made me worry and study harder LOL. (Kathy - Wailuku - December 2019)

  • I would like to share the news that I passed both the National and Hawaii sections of the Hawaii State Real Estate Examination on 7/18/20.  Thank you for providing the free practice exams after the sales course finals.   I think those practice exams were helpful to get in the right mindset of testing, and to continue that frame of mind during the delays with COVID.   I will continue to recommend Seiler School of Real Estate to others. (Jamie-Lahaina-July 2020)

  • Aloha Rick,  I took my exams! Yaaaaayy!! I was sweating for 4 hours lol  but I finally did it! Thank you for another awesome course...I had another great experience. (Lisa-Ocean View-May 2020)
  • Thank you for making your online class challenging and thought-provoking. Thank you for helping me achieve my goal of selling real estate.  Mahalo and Happy Holidays, (Mara - Kailua Kona - December 2019)

  • Hey Rick - I took the Brokers exam for the first time on the 10th and passed!!! Yay!  Thanks, (Eric - Ewa Beach - December 2019)

  • Rick - I studied with your PowerPak and took the Broker (reciprocal) state portion yesterday and passed on my first try!   Thank you for your materials and helping me!  Hopefully my passing score helps your pass rate because you sure helped me too. Sincerely, (Sharon - Gilbert AZ - November 2019)

  • Hi Rick, I'm just letting you know that I passed both sections of the real estate exam today....first attempt! Mahalo nui loa. (Dana - Kihei - October 2019)

  • Aloha Rick, Well you can add another first attempt success to your stats.  I passed both the HI and National tests in 1 hour and 22 minutes yesterday.  Thanks for all of the support and encouragement. Mahalo (Mark - Lahaina - September 2019)

  • Aloha Rick ~ Just wanted to thank you for all your encouragement and quick responses and in-depth explanations to my questions.  I passed the Broker Exam!  ....Keep up the great study environment your practice tests and encouragement really help!  Mahalo Plenty (Lisa - Kailua-Kona - August 2019)


  • Thank you Rick, I passed!!! So grateful you were available to answer all my questions so timely. (Lorraine - Kula - August 2019)


  • Thank you! I took the licensing exam today and passed both portions on the first try. So grateful. Mahalo (Jennifer - Makawao - August 2019)

  • Rick sensei. I just passed both state and federal exam. Thank you, Thank you, arigatou. (Kazuko - Honolullu - July 2019)

  • Aloha Mr. Seiler, Thanks for everything.  After passing the exam at first attempt today, I can’t help, but thank you for all the assistance...the module tests, practice tests and everything in between.  I can’t wait to read/learn more on  real estate matters.
    Will stay in touch especially when I move back to Maui in August .  Again, thanks so much. (Michelle - El Paso TX - June 2019)

  • I just wanted to let you know I took the state exam yesterday and passed on my first attempt!  Many thanks to you and your course.  I’m very grateful to you and the Seiler School for helping me pass this test on my first attempt, and I’m thrilled I won’t have to retake it. Thanks for everything! Aloha (Katy - Keaau - March 2019)

  • This morning I passed the Hawaii portion of the exam which is all I needed to do.  I feel much relieved now.  Your Power Pak test prep program was instrumental in me getting that done.  All the best (Lynn - March 2019)

  • Aloha Rick,  I took and passed my exam this morning.  Just wanted to say thank you for your guidance, and encouragement. (Iris - Kula - March 2019)

  • ​Thanks Rick.  Actually passed both national and state yesterday, so you can add me to your stats versus other schools for passing on first attempt. (Joe - Makawao - January 2019)

  • Hi Rick, Just wanted to say thanks for your Power Pak test prep course.  I passed the first time!  (Thomas - December - 2018)

  • Aloha Rick!!   Should have let you know this earlier but holidays make me forgetful 😊. I took my Fed and State on 7 November for the first time AND PASSED!!  Thanks for all your help!  I appreciate you!  Mele Kalikimaka! (Heather - Honolulu - December 2018)

  • Aloha Rick, I just passed both the first time!  It's too bad they don't let you see your grade.  That was a lot of material to study, and there were still questions I had to guess at, but I felt better prepared to make an educated guess thanks to all your extensive quizzes. They helped out a lot, Mahalo (Helayna - Lahaina -  December 2018)

  • Tough ,tough ,tough but I passed Hawaii Broker Exam. Thank you very much I’ll never forget you.  (Robert - November 2018-Power Pak Course)

  • Hi Rick,  I wanted to let you know that I took the state portion of the Real Estate Exam today and passed! I’m really happy because I’ve been studying for this since October 19th (3 weeks) and I am really excited that I passed considering how difficult you said it is. Anyway, I thought you would like to know because although I studied a lot, the course material you provided, together with the practice tests, was key to my being able to pass in such a short time.  So, I wanted to thank you very much! (Nader - October 2018)

  • Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for totally over preparing me for this test!!  I passed the Broker exam the first time with no problem and actually thought the test was kinda easy!  Your class made that happen.  Thank you so much!! (Tami - Kailua - September 2018)

  • Passed both on the first try!  Thank you so much or all of your help, Rick!!  Loved the course, Sincerely, (John - Wailuku - August 2018)​

  • Aloha!  I passed both parts today. I actually didn’t see a score for either for some reason just a PASS. Thanks so much for all the test reviews! Excited to be DONE!  (Heather - Naalehu - July 2018)

  • I Passed.  Thank you for all the help!  I liked the email with practice tests and advice for the Hawaii portion. I felt very prepared going into the exam. (Nicole - Kaneohe -June 2018)

  • I passed both portions of the Broker exam on the first try. (Alison - Kailua - June 2018)

  • Hey, just FYI, passed the test first try, no problem.  Thanks (Cathy - El Paso, TX - June 2018)

  • Aloha Rick,  I’m so excited I passed the State test today! Now I’ve passed both. I couldn’t have done it without you and your class; a huge thank you! (Amy - Kihei, HI - May 2018) 

  • ​Aloha Rick,  I did pass both portions of the HI RE exam today! Hooray!  Thank you for your help. (April - Kailua, HI - April 2018)

  • Dear Rick,  Your program is amazing--The style enables one to grasp the knowledge by fitting everything in compartments as a learning tool. Plus, you are clearly interested in helping the student and take their success to heart.  Mahalo nui loa,  (Saul - March 2018)

  • Good Morning Rick,  Good news!!!!  I PASSED BOTH STATE AND UNIFORM!!!!  Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!! I was so excited! They did NOT give us our score. He said, had we failed, then they give us our score :)  I was in the exam room with another young lady from your recent class, Char, she passed as well!!! Yaaayyy for us!!!!  We thought your class really prepared us for the exam! Thank you!!  (Lisa - Big Island of Hawaii - February 2018) 

  • Aloha Rick, I passed both the National and State Exams! Thank you for your assistance helping me work towards a new career.
    Take care,  (Nicole- Haleiwa, HI - September 2017)

  • Hi Rick,  I took my final exam today. I PASSED!!!!! Both sections! I'm not sure what my score was though. They didn't give that to me.  Thank you!!!!! (Kristine - Colorado - September 2017)

  • Just wanted to say thanks again for your on-line class...i took the R/E Exam yesterday and passed so i am on my way. (Joey - Upland CA - September 2017)

  • Aloha Rick – I took your course last year and started with Coldwell Banker in October 2016. With no prior real estate experience, your course truly helped me to succeed! Year to date I have 14 closed sales + 5 escrows + 2 upcoming listings! (Eric, Ewa Beach, HI - September 2017)

  • Hello Rick I just sending you an email to let you know that I passed the test today and I'll be getting my license thank you very much (Dan, Kamuela HI - August 2017)


  • ​Hello Rick,  Thanks to you and your course, I passed both the National and State exams and have officially mailed off my application for my real estate license.  Thanks a million!  (Amanda, Ewa Beach HI - July 2017)


  • Aloha Rick, I passed both portions of the State Exam on the first try!  Thanks for helping me prepare for the test.  I already have a broker that I will be working for, so my license will be active as soon as I send in the necessary paperwork. Mahalo! (Jordan, Kihei - June 2017)​


  • ​​I just wanted to say thank you for your program and all the review tests. I was waiting in the hallway at the testing center and heard these women talking about this being the 3rd time they had tried to pass. I started to get nervous. Thanks to your course, I passed both parts in less than an hour. The proctor made a comment about it being so fast and I blurted out "That was easy compared to what I have been studying." (Jennifer, Wailuku - April 2017)

  • Hi Rick. I took the state and national exams and passed.  Thanks. (Mark, Kahului - April 2017)


  • Hi Rick,  Great Course materials. Practice tests were hard and prepared me well for the real Exam which I passed. Rick was super helpful! I was a little high maintenance, and Rick always responded to my emails in a timely manner. I highly recommend the Seiler School of Real Estate if you want get your Hawaii Salesperson or Brokers License!
    ​(Michael, Lake Oswego, OR - March 2017)

  • Thank you Rick. I truly enjoyed the challenge of your course. It really prepared me well. 
    (Bruce, Wailea Maui - March 2017)

  • ​Aloha Rick,  I took as passed the State portion of the Hawaii Real Estate Broker exam on the first try.  Your Power-Pak was excellent. It had everything I needed to know and more.  The online self-tests were a great tool to show exactly where additional study was needed.  After going through the brutal self-tests the real thing doesn't seem difficult at all.  The Hawaii exam cannot be taken in Alaska, so passing on the first try was quite important to me due to the added cost of travel just to take the test.  Highly recommend the Power-Pak to anyone seeking licensing through equivalency.  -- (Ethan from Alaska - February 2017)

  • ​This is the face of a PASSER!  Malama Pono, (Lovia, Hilo HI - December 2016)

  • Rick, Thanks for your coursework and advice.  We are licensed in 5 states so I know how to do licensing test prep.  The other courses that I enrolled in didn’t “feel” right to me compared to my past experience.  I had the sense that I was not going to be prepared for the test content.  I hunkered down with your test prep for three days and passed this afternoon on the first attempt.  Many thanks and Happy Holidays! (Garrett, San Francisco, CA - December 2016)

  • I took the tests today and I passed!  Thank you Rick!   (Myra, Mililani HI - November 2016)

  • Aloha Mr. Seiler,  I took the State portion broker's exam this morning, and PASSED!!  Thank you for all your help.  Those three questions that I asked were on the exam. (Kyungho, Kihei, - June 2016)

  • Aloha Rick,  Hyatt Residence club made me an offer and I start training in two weeks. Thanks again for a ball buster of a course. I was totally ready. Mahalo, (Ben, Lahaina, HI - March 2016)

  • Aloha Rick,  I just want to inform you that I passed my Real Estate Broker's Exam yesterday. The practice tests were a great tool to prepare and review while you waited for your exam date.  Will be applying to the state for my Broker's License.  
     (Neena, Kihei HI - February 2016)

  • "Aloha Rick, Just wanted to let you know that I passed both the national and state exams on my first attempt today.  Thanks for the support.  The hard work and sacrifice was worth it!"  (John, Honokaa, HI - January. 2016)

  • ​"Hi Rick, just wanted to thank you for your time and correspondence .  I  have officially passed both state and national tests!!! Your course was awesome and suited my scheduling needs perfectly ! Mahalo!!!"  (Dale, Makawao, HI - Dec. 2015)


  • "I passed both tests yesterday on my first try!!!  Your program was tough and helped me through the process." -Russ (Kihei, HI - August 2015)

  • "Hi Rick, just a note to let you know I passed my state exam today on the first attempt.  I appreciate all the material to make it a success." -Timothy (Wailuku, HI - December 2014)

  • "Aloha Rick,  guess what! I passed both parts of the exam! Mahalo, Kristine." (Pukalani, HI - September 2014)

  • "Passed both first try, Thanks!!"  -Jade (Haiku, HI - July 2014)

  •  "I passed the HI state broker exam yesterday on the first attempt, thanks to the Power Pak course. I have taken and passed on the first attempt, the bar exam in four states, real estate broker exams in other states, Project Management Professional Certification exam, and numerous other tough tests for one reason or another. I had considered attempting the HI state broker exam cold, but I took your warning to heart.  You were right, this was one of the most difficult tests that I have experienced. It was not difficult in terms of subject matter, it was tough because of the question and answer construction. There were short questions to read several times to make sure that the BEST answer was selected, with several questions that appeared to have two correct answers requiring considerable thought and a “best answer” selection.  Your material did the trick." -Richard (Dallas, TX-July 2014)

  • "Aloha Rick. Thanks to your great support, I did pass both exams yesterday. Thank you so much for your help! Mahalo, Yoshi." (Kihei, HI-February 2014)

  • "Dear Rick, miracles do happen, I passed both the Uniform and State Broker Exams!  I am glad I took your course and thank you for all of your support.  Warm Regards, Karen." (Kahului, HI - February 2014)

  • "Hi Rick!  I passed my exam! Thank you for offering great study material!!  It helped me to understand so much." -Danielle (Wailea, HI - Februrary 2014)

  • "Aloha Mr. Seiler, I passed both exams Monday and wanted to shout out a big Mahalo!  Sincerely, Tracy." (Molokai, HI - September 2013)

  • "Aloha Rick!   I took both portions of the real estate salesperson exam yesterday and PASSED!  I'm so relieved. I wasn't sure if I was going to pass since I've struggled through the course, but I am so thankful I did on my first try especially!   I was discouraged after hearing others say it was hard and they had to retake it several times. It wasn't easy for me, but I did pass. Thank you so much!   I would appreciate any advice you might have for newbies like me. Mahalo, Charity." (Wailuku, HI - September 2013)

  • "Aloha Rick,  wanted to compliment you on your Power Pak Broker course. I studied heavily for the past 3 weeks and familiarized myself with all of your materials. I passed the Broker exam first try yesterday. You were quite accurate in stating that the exam is very difficult and I do feel fortunate to have passed the first time around. Your course is excellent in preparing a candidate for all that might be encountered on the exam and I would highly recommend it to anyone.  Again mahalo and I will be in Maui by year's end starting my new career in your awesome corner of the world."  -Gary (Tucson, AZ - September 2013)

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